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Learn the benefits of Crimson Trace Laser Sighting Systems at ACT Training Courses

Coming in November - Armed Citizen Training Group, LLC will have Crimson Trace Laser Systems available for our students use during classes.  You can research yourself the advantage of Crimson Trace laser systems and receive a significant discount on Crimson Trace products when you order from www.crimsontrace.com.  You will receive your discount code at class.  Please review the links above to see why a Crimson Trace Laser Sighting System is the leader in laser systems available on the market today!

Testimonial from ACT Chief Instructor: "Since I have incorporated Crimson Trace laser grip into my handguns, I have been able to practice my dry-fire more effectively and efficiently.  I am able to engage my target faster with more confidence.  I see the red dot and fire.  It's that simple!  Training my students has been easier.  Stressing the fundamentals of marksmanship is very noticeable when that laser is jumping around!" - Anthony Lambert 

An Authorized Training Company of Crimson Trace Laser Sighting Systems